Corporate Cooking Challenge

For groups over 30, Chef Jodi can conduct one of the most fabulous and unique team building experiences available in all of San Diego.

Choose from a fabulous selection of fun, interactive and creative cooking challenges for your team to participate in – no transportation needed, as we bring the event to you!

Program Details:
Group Size: 30-300+
Team Size: 8-10
Program Length: 2-2.5 hours

Corporate Cooking Challenge Programs:

Hot/Cold Tapas

Tapas are a wide variety of appetizers or snacks commonly found in Spanish cuisine that are meant to share with good friends and a good glass of wine! Once teams are formed through a series of exciting icebreakers, they will each prepare hot and cold tapas for the judges to taste. Ingredients along with recipe will be provided which encourages teambuilding and fosters communication. Teams are judged by taste, presentation and teamwork, and once the winners are crowned, guests can feast on the delicious tapas they created.

Foodie Truck

Food trucks have become an American staple in recent years, so we’re bringing them right to the dining table and incorporating an element of competition! Once teams are formed through a series of group ice breakers, they will further be divided into those preparing the food truck fare and those who design the food truck brand name and logo. Teams will be judged on the taste of their product and the creativity and originality of their truck façade and logo. Once the winners are crowned, team members are free to roam from truck to truck and feast on the delicious dishes prepared by each group!

Iron Chef-style group cooking competition

In this fast-paced team building activity, guests are divided into large teams and face off in a timed culinary competition. With Chef Jodi and our Lajollacooks4u staff as culinary coaches, teams are challenged to create delicious dishes from scratch. When the clock runs out, each team presents their creation to the judge and then enjoys the feast they created. Teams are judged on presentation, taste and teamwork, and the team with the highest overall score will be crowned the winners.

Multi-course meal competition

Inspired by current and classic culinary trends from around the world, this challenge is composed with fresh, farm-to-table ingredients and exciting culinary techniques. Chef Jodi and the Lajollacooks4u staff will provide hands-on instruction and support as your group works together to craft their four-course meal. Through culinary trivia and exciting icebreakers, we’ll divide the group into teams where each team will prepare recipes from the selected menu. At the end of the cooking segment, everyone will enjoy the feast they created while our staff serves them at the table in courses.

Wine & Cheese

Who doesn’t love wine and cheese? This program kicks off with an energizing icebreaker that will form your group into teams, each team will compete for points through a series of fun wine and cheese-themed culinary trivia. When they reach a certain point value, they will be invited to select their wines, cheese and fruit pairings. Creativity and communication flows as team members find themselves working as a cohesive unit, attempting to earn the most points and out-score their competition. All the participants leave as “winners,” however, getting the chance to network with other teams and sample wines and cheeses from other stations as the event draws to a close.

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What People are Saying

"Absolutely fabulous! Thank you so much for hosting our event and making sure all of us have a memorable experience. Truly amazing "

Dawn Saunders – Mintz Levin

"This was the perfect event for our group. We have been stuck in luncheon tradition for years and it was time to do something new this was it! Thank you for a wonderful afternoon!"

Tara Roberts – RBN Design

"Jodi and her team are amazing! First, I showed up expecting to have to help and she insisted I enjoy myself and let her team handle all the details. They way they handled everything from determining teams, to the activity itself, to the judging, this was beyond my expectations. I HIGHLY recommend LaJollaCooks4u to anyone looking for a unique and memorable experience."

Jenni Hasti – Tritech